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The Recycling Map groups 12,000 collection points for different recyclable materials throughout Switzerland. The app is useful for anybody looking for the nearest collection point for used aluminium packaging, tins, glass bottles, recyclable plastic, textiles, batteries, electric devices (office and entertainment) or any other reusable materials.Get price

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RecyclingDangerous Or Toxic ProductsGarden WasteDisposing of Large ObjectsFurther InformationWaste sorted for recycling is often picked up at home, but it can also be left at a recycling station. 1. Find a recycling stationon the map (website in French and German) 2. Search for a recycling station accepting certain products on the map Organic waste should be put in compost, if possible. In some communes organic waste is collected separately. Paper and cardboardhave been recycled for decades. It is financed through taxes and fees by municipalities. It should be taken to a collection container, or left on the street on a paper-collecting day. 1. Find out what belongs in thepaper and cardboardbin (website in French and German) 2. Learn more about recycling paper and cardboard PET (plastic) bottles are recycled separately and for free. A prepaid disposal contribution is included in the purchase price. Collection points can be found in all stores selling the bottles, as well as in other recycling stations. 1. Learn all about PET recycling(website in French, German and Italian) 2...Get price

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The waste management in Switzerland is based on the polluter pays principle. Bin bags are taxed with pay-per-bag fees in three quarters of the communes. The recycling rate doubled in 20 years due to this strategy. The recycling rate for municipal solid waste exceeds 50 percent (with an objective of 60 percent in 2020).Get price

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Feb 26, 2021 · Find out how to recycling with the Swiss with our guide to recycling and garbage collection in Switzerland. If there’s one thing I am constantly in awe of when it comes to living in Switzerland, it is the commitment to reducing waste. Switzerland takes recycling to a whole new level; I’m still trying to figure out the ins and outs.Get price

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In August 2014, GE unveiled g3 (g cubed) its ground-breaking solution for replacing Sulfr hexafluoride in high-voltage equipment. Since then, much has happened. g3 products have been installed successfully in several countries, and g3 life-cycle assessments have underscored the huge environmental benefits of the new gas mixture.Get price

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Oct 22, 2014 · Papers are tightly bundled and stacked neatly outside of a residence for pickup. Recycling in Switzerland is a highly organized process. Go green! Save the Earth! Reduce, reuse, recycle! Switzerland is an environmentalist’s dream. With its strict protection standards, it took the No. 1 position in this year’s Environmental Performance Index.Get price

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6 Recycling Guide Reuse of SF 6 Gas in Electrical Power Equipment and Final Disposal CIGRE Report #117 July 1997 Presented by Phil Bolin Mitsubishi Electric Power Products At Conference on SF 6 and the Environment: Emission Reduction Strategies, San Diego, 2-3 Nov 2000Get price

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Sep 25, 2015 · Garbage recycling. In Switzerland, special garbage bags are required for garbage collection, and these bags are priced according to their size. Garbage bags or stickers are available in all grocery stores and supermarkets. Recycling collection points for glass, plastic, aluminium, paper, textiles and batteries are widely available.Get price

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Oct 11, 2019 · Though the Swiss system can be considered a role model for e-waste recycling management, it faces the same global challenges as every nation. “Recycling e-waste has always been very challenging,” said Markus Stengele, Head of Quality, Environment and Safety at the e-waste recycling facility Solenthaler Recycling AG (Sorec) in St. Gallen, north-east Switzerland.Get price

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Standard Operating Procedure sf 6 • The interrupters are tagged stating that the sf 6 has been recovered and the date of recovery. • Units are loaded in roll off container and taken to metal recycling company for final processing. • Cylinders remain in trailer until 200lbs and then shipped to gas recycling company for final recycling process.Get price

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Jul 21, 2018 · Switzerland is in the recycling business and the business is booming. The waste management in Switzerland is one of the finest and most efficient in the world with a recycling rate of 54% and an objective of reaching 60% in 2020.Get price

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Jan 28, 2012 · I was allowed to dump all the recyclable things into the car, drive up to a recycling station, and throw everything into the dumpster, which would then be collected and brought to a sorting center. Sadly, even this simple step wasn’t popular at all in Ohio. So, I was so happy to find “recycling walls” at most grocery stores in Switzerland.Get price

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In Switzerland, more than 94% of used glass is recycled. Glass recycling requires 25% less energy than the usual production from quartz sand. And yet, littering continues to have an impact on the environment, a phenomenon that costs the Confederation more than CHF 200 million a year.Get price

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Jun 09, 2020 · For example, in 2019, people in Switzerland set aside 82% of their paper and cardboard for recycling, but only 68% was actually converted into new paper products, according to the Association forGet price

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SF 6 insulating gas (or Sulphur Hexafluoride) had been the standard gas used inside high voltage electrical equipment as an insulating and arc-quenching medium. However, SF 6 insulating gas is also listed as an extremely potent greenhouse gas according to the Kyoto protocol, with 23,500 times the comparative Global Warming Potential of CO 2 and a lifetime of 3,200 years in the atmosphere.Get price

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DILO has been a specialist in Sulfr hexafluoride gas handling for more than 50 years. With approx. 320 employees and more than 70 representatives worldwide, DILO is a key technology partner for switchgear manufacturers and power utilities around the world.Get price

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To provide the necessary grid infrastructure to handle higher voltages, the Norwegian energy provider BKK Nett is upgrading its transformer substation in Bergen from a 45 kV to a 132 kV operating level, making it state of the art. The order includes three bays of the 8VN1 gas-insulated, SF 6 -free 145 kV switchgear.Get price

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Title: g3Technology-Brochure-EN-2018-07-Grid-GS-L3-1001 Author: GE - Grid Solutions Subject: g3 is a revolutionary gas for the electrical transmission industry, offering the same technical performances as Sulfr hexafluoride with an environmental impact reduced by 99%.Get price

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Electrification, automation and digitalization require innovative solutions: Discover Siemens as a strong partner, technological pioneer and responsible employer.Get price

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EFC continues to take every opportunity to implement new processes and systems designed to facilitate the recovery and recycling of used sf6 gas. Whether Sulfr hexafluoride is recovered from old breakers, cylinders, or other systems, EFC will recycle this material and return it to a fit-for-use purity that exceeds ASTM D2472-00 and IEC 60480 standards.Get price

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Switzerland is often cited as a model for recycling because of the rubbish collection, waste separation and waste recovery methods deployed. Public bodies, research institutes, companies and citizens are taking action to reduce their impact on the environment and society. Businesses are innovating and developing technologies for resource management, rubbish collection and recycling moreGet price

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Plastics recycling is inefficient and ineffective In Switzerland, most plastic waste is thermally utilized in municipal solid waste to energy incinerators and not physically recycled. Of the about 68,000 tonnes of plastic waste from households that are collected separately in Switzerland each year, 50,000 tonnes are PET bottles.Get price

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Development cooperation for e-waste recycling: A Swiss contribution to the implementation of the Basel Convention Switzerland is supporting developing and newly industrialising countries – China, India, South Africa, Peru and Colombia – in the establishment of environmentally sound, resource-conserving recovery systems forGet price

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recycling has been very stable at a rather high level in Switzerland over the last decade. As illustrated by Figure 2.1, in the ten year period the total recycling accounted for 50 %, out of which 33 % was material recycling (including metal, glass, plastic, paper and cardboard, butGet price

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The DataDifferent Methods, Different RatesChampions of Glass Recycling?The VerdictSeveral countries besides Switzerland appear to have a claim on the recycling crown. In the latest report from the OECD looking at overall recycling and composting ratesexternal linkfor municipal waste, leader Germany (65%), a handful of other European countries and South Korea all fare better than Switzerland (51%). These rates are similar to data for 2014external linkcompiled by Eurostat, the European statistical agency. Given these figures, itpuzzling how Switzerland could be called world champion. Patrik Geisselhardt, head of umbrella organisation Swiss Recyclingexternal link, believes the title was in fact relevant at one time. “Thanks to the ‘polluter pays’ principle, Switzerland was one of the first countries to achieve high rates (of recycling),” Geisselhardt wrote in an email to, referring to fees for rubbish bags first introduced by several municipalities in the 1990s that encourage recycling. “It is also a fact that in the meantime Germany, Austria and the...Get price

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Jul 24, 2018 · The collection service in Switzerland is free, with an additional levy charged at the point of purchase instead, as an early recycling fee. Disposal is shared between Swico and Sens eRecycling; the latter handles old household appliances, and lightbulbs (roughly 62 percent of Swiss WEEE), whilst the former deals with computer science and telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics.Get price

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ScotlandSSEN Transmission awards GEGrid Solutions a contract for worldfirst 420 kV Green Gas for Grid (g 3) gas-insulated substation (GIS) ; GEg 3 technology is a game-changing alternative to sulphur hexafluoride (insulating gas), an insulating and switching gas commonly used in substation equipment and the most potent greenhouse gas in the worldGet price

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Used with permission. 4 The Partnership continues to monitor developments in other Sulfr hexafluoride-free technologies that exist in the market. 5 GE Grid Solutions. 2018. g3 Technology - Sulfr hexafluoride Alternative for High Voltage Applications [brochure]. 6GE Grid Solutions. 2019. g3 Roadmap 2025 [brochure].Get price